Crack Magazine – UK. ¨Miseress¨ Premiere.
¨It’s a propulsive record that defies easy categorisation and we’re sure it’ll provide a real treat for your ears.¨

Noisey – US
“Passionate, deadly serious and deeply wry music for living in the city. They capture the sound of the buildings looming over the individual and the sound the individual makes in response: the sound of shivering and getting free. Their music ostensibly cold, but it’s full-blooded. It’s art for the thoroughly modern drowner who declines the world’s invitation to be entirely subsumed. It’s honestly pretty boss.”

Tiny Mixtapes – US
“Mueran Humanos hone their industrial inclinations by introducing guitars to their bass-synths-sampler setup for the first time, played by no less than Einstürzende Neubauten’s own guitar-manipulator Jochen Arbeit. Their acclaimed self-titled debut quickly positioned the duo at the forefront of Latin American avant-garde music, thanks to a carefully developed aesthetic, gloomy lyrics, and a highly distinctive sound. ” (On ¨Miseress¨ 2015 )

 The Ransom note – UK. ¨The unsettling art of Mueran Humanos¨ Interview  ¨A creative mélange of bass lines, synth, drum machines and vocal. Mueran Humanos, meaning ‘Die, Humans!’, not only produce great music but also incredibly fascinating, though sometimes pretty gory, artwork to accompany their releases. We had a chat with them to find out more.

 Self -Titled – UK. Robert Hampson remix of  “Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa¨ Premiere. ¨you might as well feel the pain of everyone down below, right alongside a full stream of the Berlin duo’s freshly pressed Miseress LP…¨

 Remezcla – US. ¨Mueran Humanos will send chills down your Spine¨

 Louder than War – UK. Live review. 
“They never let the scowl down, they remain haughty, dark and imperial. Their songs are
captivating, haunting and beautifully strange.
Mueran Humanos are like nothing else. There is that sort of industrial edge freakiness but
also there is that weirdly commercial edge to what they do, that sort of thing that the early
Soft Cell had, that idea of walking on the dark side but somehow being able to translate it
subverisly into the mainstream.Ӭ

 African Paper – DE. Miseress review (deutsch)

 One Cheap Wonder – MEX. Entrevista (español)



“A dark, danceable blend of krautrock, noise, punk, electronica, industrial, and lyrics sung in Spanish, who anyway maintain a definite atmosphere”

Rolling Stone
“La pareja usa un bajo garage con mucho fuzz, sintetizadores y canta a coro en español bonaerense, sin demasiado reparo en que las audiencias no comprendan el lenguaje: Es más real así.¨

Altered Zones
Their heavily melodic, layered approach it’s strongly reminiscent of early industrial. A singular, throbbing pulse supports an ever-growing canopy of synths, while the crisp drums faithfully hammer out hypnotic beats.”

Doug Mosurock. Dusted Magazine
“Even the most jaded electro fans will likely be surprised at the level of craft and creeping filth seeping out from around the edges. Turn it on, and let it turn you on. That unexpected orgy with your closest friends is right around the corner. 2011 will be very hard pressed to repeat this kind of quality in electronic-based music.”

The Agit Reader
A unique —and entirely foreign—experience. “A band that coos like a magnetic tango in the night. Get lost in the cyclical grooves that stem from an almost telepathic connection between the couple. Half assembly-line robotics, half fleshy yearning and emotional heft. For each moment of brooding psych noise and extended measures, there’s a claustrophobic dancefloor smugness proving the underground clubs of Berlin have rubbed them the right way.”

 XX Jazz Funk Greats
“Telepathic tendrils that scour your mind in a psychic carpet-bomb operation worth of Spacemen 3’s esoteric brethren. 20JFG’s new favourite band for days of torrential rain and wind whistling malevolent against the rattling windows of a decaying Victorian manor. Not nice, but beatiful.”

 Yellow Green Red
“Either I have no frame of reference for groups like Mueran Humanos, or such references don’t exist, as they are a synth-based duo who sound like few other synth-based duos going today. Each song is like a pleasant dirge in its own way – spacious, clean and totally committed to the idea at hand, trawling a uniquely morbid worldview. All these songs are pretty long, yet Mueran Humanos never gets exhausting or boring. It’s almost like they’ve got a Velvets-y approach to songwriting, just kind of confidently jamming on an idea with little listener regard and sounding cool as hell while they do it.”

Other Music NYC
“These guys fully blew my mind. An ideal, living mixture of cold/passionate synthwave
post-punk with a strange blend of non-urgent but still balls-out rock. Hear and believe, this
is the real deal. Top ten material, and highly recommended.” (Scott Mou)

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